Faith in Film

Trinity has a longstanding Faith in Film program, which gathers in the Trinity Theatre (with real movie seats!) to watch movies and talk about their meaning to our lives and how they illuminate the world we live in. Each series is usually several weeks long and focuses on a theme.

Faith in Film 2017: Stories of the Land

What does it mean to live in this land we call home? Over thirteen weeks spread out in June, August and October, Faith in Film will look at films and filmmakers telling stories of the land we live on. How do we think about ‘home’ and what does it mean to us as Indigenous, settler, immigrant or migrant peoples? We will explore feature films and programs of shorts. 

Part Two will feature evenings under the sub-theme of Spiritual Seeking. Please join us in Trinity Theatre at 6:00 pm for each of these August sessions!

Tuesday, August 1st

Indigenous Short Film Programme

  • Reserve 107 (Brad Leitch, 2016) The small Lutheran community of Laird Saskatchewan forges a path of reconciliation with the Young Chippeweyan First Nation who seek a claim for land held sacred to both communities. 
  • This River  (Vermette/MacPherson, 2016) A small group of Indigenous people called Drag the Red, spend hours searching the Red River in Winnipeg for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.
  • God’s Acre (Kelton Stepanowich, 2015) An elder Indigenous bushman living in isolation faces difficult decisions when rising water levels threaten his ancestral homeland.


Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday, August 9th

Anne of Green Gables (Kevin Sullivan, 1985)

The classic story of an orphaned girl who makes a new home on Prince Edward Island will be presented through a lecture on the darker and more complex themes of Montgomery’s life and journey of faith.

  • Lecture, August 8th
  • Film Screening, August 9th


Tuesday, August 22nd

Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (Francois Girard, 1993)

A series of short vignettes combine to make a portrait of the great Canadian pianist’s quest for internal peace through music.


Tuesday, August 29th 

The Passion of Augustine (Léa Pool, 2015)

A nun who teaches music in a convent school in rural Quebec in the 1960s fights to keep the school’s music program alive through the changes brought by Vatican II and Quebec’s quiet revolution.


Please note that these are adult film series. Any expressions of sexuality, violence, or coarse language should be viewed in context. Please respect your own sensibilities.

Films licensed by Audio Ciné Films Inc.