Endowment Fund & Solar Project

Endowment Fund
The Trinity Endowment Fund was initially established with donations from two individuals who left the congregation bequests as part of their estate. Since then, the principal has continued to grow through memorials and other donations. 

The principal is invested with ELFEC which generates annual earnings through responsible investing, and a smaller portion is invested in our own solar project. The earnings are distributed annually, to support the work of a number of ministries in the congregation, the community, the church-at-large, and globally. The principal is left intact to continue generating future earnings.

solarSolar Project

The Trinity Endowment Fund invested a portion of its principal in a 10-kilowatt solar array on the church roof in 2013. This solar project is a visible testament to our commitment to “Stewardship of Creation” by generating “clean” electricity. In addition to supplying clean energy to the community, it generates sufficient funds to pay back the investment and supplement the grants supported by the Endowment Fund. Interested in how it’s going? Check out the church solar performance here.