Welcome Statement

At Trinity, we pride ourselves on our Welcome. So much so that we drafted this welcome statement back in 2004. We hope that you will see yourselves in it, because all are welcome here.

You Are Welcome Here

Whatever your country of origin or ancestry,
and whether you are religious or not,
Christian or not, or Lutheran or not,
you are welcome here.

Whether you are male, female or transgender,
young or old,
straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual,
you are welcome here.

Whether you are single or partnered,
married, widowed or divorced,
you are welcome here.

Whether you are wealthy or poor,
own a home or rent,
live at home or are homeless,
you are welcome here.

Whatever your political views,
— whether to the right, to the left or to the centre —
you are welcome here.

Whatever your strengths or weaknesses,
gifts or challenges,
they will be honoured,
for you are welcome here.

Trinity Lutheran Church is committed
to being a loving and welcoming community
centred in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In faithfulness to the Christian Gospel,
in reflection of our Lutheran emphasis on grace,
and in celebration of our shared baptismal journey,
we promise to enter into ministry with all who seek God here.

We invite you to join us for worship
and to take up your place with us in ministry
for you are welcome at Trinity Lutheran Church.

– Adopted by the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, New Hamburg,
on Sunday, October 24, 2004.