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October Celebration

On October 18th, we will celebrate with a lunchtime potluck!  We have so many things to celebrate, including the presence of the Kayah family in our community, the one year anniversary of the Larsons coming to New Hamburg, and the arrival of the new organ.  Signup sheets are available now at the church.

They’re here!

Some members of Trinity were at Pearson airport on Wednesday June 24th to welcome with excitement the arrival of a family of three into a new life in Canada. The young father, mother and three year old boy who Trinity has sponsored for resettlement traveled from Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp in northern Thailand. They are Kayah by heritage, and their families once lived in Burma. For months, Trinity has been planning for their arrival by making preparations in housing, clothing and trying to educate ourselves on the language and culture! After a twenty-four hour bus ride, two international flights and the ride to this region, they are now installed at a parish family home, while they wait for the apartment that they will move into on July 1st. Months of anticipation have brought us all to a new beginning!

Brunch for Burma!

burma posterTrinity is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our sponsored Burmese family currently living in Ban Mai Nai Soi Refugee Camp in Thailand.  Preparations to welcome them continue and most of the household items needed have been collected.  A fundraiser brunch will be held in their honour at the Thai Coconut Island Restaurant in Cambridge on May 31, 2015 at 2p.m.   Tickets are $30 and only a few remain for this delicious meal and this wonderful opportunity to support a young family seeking refuge in our midst.  Call (519) 662-9573 to reserve your seat!


Refugee Resettlement Project Update

Rick&Jenn2Refugee Sponsorship
The Katie Luther Room has begun to fill up with household items and furnishings donated by the parish. In addition, we are happy to receive financial contributions, above and beyond normal offerings, to support a family from Burma that we will soon receive into our community. For these contributions, please mark “Burma” on your envelope or cheque.

The family is currently living in a refugee camp in Thailand. The father, 31, mother, 26 and son who is three, need to do a required medical before they can proceed into the next stage of transfer to Canada. Meanwhile, the Refugee Sponsorship Task Team subgroups are hard at work on tasks ranging from finding housing, preparing for health care and investigating learning the new language. Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.