September at Trinity!

As summer draws to a close and the new school year beckons, we look ahead to our own autumn season, beginning with the blessing of the backpacks, the start-up on confirmation classes and opportunities to hear about the amazing youth trip to Detroit! Here’s a calendar of what’s coming up!

September 13th:
Welcome Back and Backpack Sunday – We’ll bless the children’s backpacks as a new school year begins and register children and youth for Faith Adventures, Affirmation and Confirmation.

September 18th:
Youth are invited to a Friday evening bowling event on Sept 18, at 7:00 pm. Another event at a date to be determined will feature a screening of the movie, “Godspell”. At the Confirmation Camp this past week, 17 Trinity youth and Nathan pulled off a wonderful musical presentation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son that came from “Godspell”. Thank you to Lisa Hagen for directing them in rehearsal! 

September 19th:
On Saturday, September 19th a new Nith Valley Ministry Area Confirmation program is launching at St. James Lutheran Church in New Dundee on Celebrating Baptism. These monthly Confirmation class gatherings will continue through the school year. Trinity will host the March gathering.  A couple of parents of Confirmation students are needed to participate in the first Nith Valley Ministry  Area Confirmation class from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at St James Lutheran Church in New Dundee.

September 20th:
Youth and Nathan will help lead worship and after worship will share their experiences at the Detroit Youth Gathering and Confirmation Camp!